Thursday, 6 December 2012

Georgios Samaras: A True Celt

Today, I am diverting slightly from the main theme of this blog, but the circumstances may just allow such diversion. Celtic have just progressed into the 'knock-out' stages of the Champions League and this is indeed a great achievement, taking into consideration, at the same time, all the surrounding circumstances. All players have helped a lot and in a team effort, everyone is important. There is, however, one player, that deserves to be mentioned separately and extensively: Georgios Samaras.

Georgios is now nearing his fifth year at Celtic Park. He has been an integral part of the team, for many different reasons. His sporting abilities cannot be questioned. He is a great football player, with great technique and skills, stamina and strength. These elements have been recognised by all his managers and many of his fans around the world. But athletic ability alone does not always offer completeness in a player. The mental strength, the attitude, the character and the human element in a player's nature, all contribute, in my opinion, towards the overall performance on the pitch.

Gordon Strachan and Georgios Samaras

Football players are human beings like everybody else. They are subject to the same feelings as everybody else. They have to deal with enormous stress, which does not always derive just from the Media or the fans, but, sometimes, even from within the club they play for. Expectations are high, at this level and sometimes such expectations are short lived. The players' remuneration, some would argue, does not justify a weak character, or any latitude for errors or omissions. True, but if the player is weak inside, his football would suffer on the pitch.

2 January 2011 v Rangers

There is no doubt as to why Georgios has been successful with Celtic. First of all, Georgios has people around him that he could trust. He always listens to what it is being said and respects people's opinions. He is well-mannered, discreet and well liked amongst his fellow colleagues at Celtic. He commands respect, because he respects everybody. He treats everybody the same and he never asks for anything in return. He has a golden heart and cares about his cause. This last element is something that you cannot identify very often in a player's character. Georgios cares about Celtic and what the club stands for. And this is something that it could not be replaced with any contract or any remuneration.

Georgios is part of Celtic, its history, the city of Glasgow and the sporting ideals this great club represents. He is part of the community and his love for the club and its fans is unconditional and genuine. Georgios, in my view, represents Celtic, because Georgios knows and understands what Celtic Football Club is about. Georgios is a true Celt....

Dr. Gregory Ioannidis

6 December 2012


  1. Can't argue with anything you've written there. I've always been a fan of Sammy because I've always felt that he has a good heart and a strong dedication to his responsibilities.
    If anything, when things weren't going too well in the past, he could have been faulted for trying too hard, especially in areas which aren't his strength. Fortunately, the enthusiastic but almost invariably unsuccessful tackle attempts involving slides of ten yards and more appear now to have been banished to the past!

    I'm especially delighted for him because Celtic's success last night is in marked contrast to the pitiful elimination of Manchester City. City didn't believe in him strongly enough whereas Celtic have persevered, first through Gordon Strachan and now Neil Lennon.

    It's gratifying that his determination to succeed at Celtic is finally enabling him to receive the acclaim that he was worked so hard to achieve. He's earned it and he thoroughly deserves it.

    Hey! Perhaps I should be his agent!

  2. Enigmatic he may well be BUT for me he is a Fully committed talented individual who positively contributes to the team.........he NEVER hides despite his , at times shall we say, pre-disposition to be somewhat wayward in his play................I love the 'Big Man' to bits for his devotion to Celtic FC and NOT simply greed fuelled ambitions of latter-day 'Johnny Foreigners'.....................................REFRESHING

  3. It's great to see Samaras playing to his full potential. In European games in particular he has been outstanding in my opinion out key player, especially away from home. His goal in Moscow was just reward for his selfless play.

    It's to his credit that he has has the mental strength to keep going after less productive times. He also seems to have found jus true position playing wide rather that being the main central striker.

    It can't have been easy maintaining a positive attitude through barren spells or after his penalty miss at ibrox which would have won the league.

    Samaras will be very important to Celtic when we play Juventus next year